First-time Buyers

Furnishing your new home

It’s an exciting time moving into your new home.  It’s a blank canvas, an opportunity to stamp your individual personality on your new living space.  Colour schemes, layouts, furniture – your imagination is running wild!

And then the reality kicks in – if you’re a first-time-buyer, perhaps you haven’t got much in the way of furniture and most of your resources have already gone into paying the deposit.  Or maybe the furniture you do have just doesn’t look right in the new space.

Russo Interiors can help you transform your new living space at a surprisingly affordable price.  We’ll look at your property, consult with you on the desired look and layout  and come up with a furniture package that suits your taste and budget.

High quality, stylish furniture doesn’t need to cost the earth.  With the help of Russo Interiors, you can turn a humdrum living space into the kind of environment you’ve always dreamed about.

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